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The Future of
Laboratory Services

COVID-19 testing, UTI, RPP, Blood Wellness, TB, Wound Care, and more performed in your facility for free!

Advanced Wound Care
Advanced Wound Care. Utilizing innovative Amniotic Membrane Allograft treatments, we bring healing directly to your facility's doorstep. Our team of skilled Nurse Practitioners provides weekly treatment sessions, ensuring effective care and rapid recovery for residents. And the best part? This service is offered at no cost to your facility!
Proactive and Preventative care

Let our staff schedule, swab, collect, process and report...
So your staff doesn't have to!

Our services will eliminate the hassle and often the challenge of scheduling and arranging for Covid Testing for your patients, staff and visitors.

We tailor our services to fit your needs!

Accurate Testing Leads to Accurate Results

The results of clinical laboratory tests contribute to over 75% of all clinical healthcare decisions.


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What We Provide at SureGuard

Sureguard LLC is dedicated to enhancing the quality of care in skilled nursing and assisted living communities. 

Comprehensive Care Solutions for Senior Communities

At Sureguard LLC, we are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective care solutions that meet the unique needs of your residents.

Fast and Precise Laboratory Testing

Leveraging our nationwide network, we ensure rapid and accurate testing for a variety of needs including COVID-19, UTI, and more, aiding in timely and effective resident care.

Innovative Wound Care Management

Our advanced wound care services, including Amniotic Membrane Allograft treatments, are administered by skilled Nurse Practitioners, enhancing healing and comfort for residents.

Tailored Testing and Care Programs

We adapt our services to meet your facility’s unique needs, whether it’s full-time test collectors or integrating wound care into your existing healthcare program.

Effortless Laboratory Services for the Elder Care Community

At Sureguard LLC, we simplify laboratory testing for your facility, ensuring it’s hassle-free, efficient, and effective.

We Come To You

Our team provides on-site lab services, bringing convenience directly to your facility.

No Cost to Your Facility

All services are billed through resident insurance, posing no financial burden to your facility.

SEMR by Sureguard LLC

Free Proprietary Software 

Manage and track lab results with ease using our free and proprietary user-friendly SEMR software.

Detailed and Accurate Reports

Receive comprehensive, precise lab reports, enabling better resident care decisions.

Fast and Reliable Testing

Benefit from our rapid and accurate lab testing, including a 24-hour turnaround time for results, for various conditions like COVID-19, UTI, and more.


Trusted by Nursing Homes All Over the Country

Elder Care Communities trust SUREGUARD for Free Laboratory Tests, Wound Care, & Easy to Use Software


of Tests Administered to Skilled Nursing Facilities All Over the Country


Have some Questions?

We provide a wide range of lab testing services, including PCR Testing for COVID-19, RPP, UTI, GI, Wound/Skin, Fungus, and comprehensive blood draw services.

By utilizing a nationwide network of top-tier laboratories, we guarantee rapid and precise testing results, often within 24 hours.

Sureguard offers tradition and advanced Amniotic Membrane Allograft wound care treatments, administered weekly by our Nurse Practitioners. Depending on the size, the amount of time the wound has been there, and the insurance will depend on the best course of treatment.

No, there’s no cost to your facility for any of our services. We bill through the resident’s insurance, ensuring no financial burden on the facility.

SEMR (Sureguard Easy Management Reporting) is our complimentary HIPPA compliant software that simplifies tracking and managing lab test results, enhancing efficiency in resident care.

SureGuard Software runs in the browser on Laptops, Desktops, and iPads. 

SUREGUARD Software does not currently work on iPhones or Android Devices

We can be up and running within a week, provided we have all the paperwork and documents needed from the facility.

We have built amazing partnerships since we began in early 2022. Our team is top-notch, proactive, and the best in their fields. Between partnerships and our team, we can provide best in class service to all elder care communities!

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