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Your Residents Deserve the Best.
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We don’t just screen for problems, We save Lives.

Stop UTI’s dead in their tracts.

Sureguard’s formula of monthly health screenings, custom software, and cutting-edge diagnostic laboratory testing provides an end-to-end solution for identifying and resolving UTI’s and other common threats to your residents’ health.

Ending preventable slips & falls by proactively screening for the reasons they happen.

Sureguard's High Acuity Wellness Program (HAWP) flips the script on the reactive paradigm in long-term care. Monthly one-on-one resident health screenings conducted by our talented clinical team of Certified Medical Assistants and Phlebotomists quickly identify UTI’s, Respiratory Infections, STI’s, and other common causes of slips, falls, and life-altering events.

Custom software built to save lives.

Sureguard uses home grown software that helps our clinical team quickly identify symptoms and automatically communicates to your staff when a suspected UTI or other problem is found. Then, it streamlines communication with the resident’s Primary Care Provider and generates a lab order for them to sign. Our customer service team does the rest so you don’t have to.

Leverage the Power of a Network of Laboratories.

Gone are the days of working with a single, local laboratory. Sureguard leverages a network of top laboratories with cutting-edge diagnostic tests that yield 24 hour turnaround times. Plus, we use PCR testing for UTI’s and Respiratory panels that are more accurate, identify more pathogens, and yield faster turnaround times than outdated Culture & Sensitivity testing.

Don’t just BE proactive. Promote it.

Empower your residents and staff to be proactive by leveraging our engaging and fun education sessions that help spread awareness and promote longevity within your community.

The Sureguard Shield

Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with the communities we partner with to create a protective shield over your residents to keep them safe and healthy. Our partners proudly display and promote their partnership with Sureguard to differentiate themselves from other communities. 

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